Making data driven insights more accessible

Move from depending on your Intuition to relying on Insights from data. We convert your raw data into intuitive reports to help you make better business decisions.


Our approach

The way we think about report automation

First Step - Discovery

We are tool agnostic and work in whatever environment that makes the most sense for your business. We begin with discussions to understand your goals and then work backwards to design a data pipeline.

Second Step - Data Transformation

We engineer a data pipeline that makes sense for your business that is scalable and automated.

Third Step - Data Visualization

We create customized dashboards that visualize your data and answer important questions you have about your business.

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Fourth Step - Revisions and Training

We continue to iterate on dashboards if needed and provide training to all users.

Why choose Intuition to Insights?

Imagine having the confidence to make your business decisions on what you KNOW is true and never have doubts again.

We help you identify, validate, and scale your business with a data-driven approach to decision-making.

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